Here you will find my personal collection of Uplifting Trance & Euphoric Dance Music.

The collection is actually called "Thumping Bass" (referenced as 'TB' throughout).  From 1991, the first compilation slowly began with TB1, by 1994 the collection was growing rapidly.  The music has progressed a lot over the years, but throughout all these years the Anthemic Feel and beat of the music has remained similar.

I spend as much of my spare time as I can listening to the latest Trance tracks.   In the past I enjoyed visiting the local dance music stores (now dying out slowly like our friend the vinyl record).  I listened to many new releases. Now most of the tracks I hunt down are from web sources.  I do still buy mostly vinyl, but inevitably the occasional CD & MP3 make it to the collection.

I continue to try and give time to recording samples onto MP3/MP4, but life tugs in different directions so this will take some time.

However, if you'd like me to record a specific track sample for you, just email me.

For some of you, you'll say buying vinyl is expensive, and you'll be right, but there's nothing like the tactile part of a 12" record, and you can't accidentally delete them! :-)

I also enjoy the fact that I am often listening to a white label record several months before it ever gets released, indeed some of the tracks in this collection may never get a full release.

You can always visit this site using www.tranceland.co.uk which refers immediately to Martinsland, but my long term intention is for this to develop into an entirely separate website.

Also watch out one day for www.tranceuk.com .  This remains a dream and a future project.  My hope is to produce a site where you can buy a wide variety of Anthemic Trance Tracks, with news and events, forums and DJ details.


I hope you enjoy listening to the samples that appear on my site. 

I will always be interested to hear of any suggestions of other records I should add to my collection, I would be pleased to hear from you.

As mentioned earlier, if you do request samples, I can record these for you, but to keep within copyright - they will be only up to a 1 minute sampler.

I'm sorry, I cannot send you full versions of any of these tracks,  I will be breaking copyright rules.  I would be happy to guide you where to find them wherever I can.



And lastly....

I would like to include a big thanks to a certain friend of mine, James, that has helped me over the last couple of years.  After providing him with some light guidance and plenty of praise, his help is appreciated when inspiration was not there to describe some of the tracks.  He even helped fill in the library page again when data was lost from it.  Being that he is only twelve, I think that he deserves recognition, a big round of cyber applause everybody!!!